English is a natural part of my everyday life. My husband is British – and in our day-to-day life with our three children, English is spoken as much as Danish. You can therefore feel confident talking to me about the serious matters that are on your mind.

Expat life

I have extensive experience in talking to people about many different issues, for example life crisis, sadness and depression, loneliness, low self-confidence, jealousy, stress, problems related to being in a couple and to family life.

I am also experienced in talking to expats about issues that are related to expat life in general and expat life in Denmark in particular.

Many expats find it difficult to settle into their expat life in Denmark. It can be quite a challenge to cope with the cultural changes related to moving to another country. You may feel isolated and not part of the surrounding society – missing friends and family, that you left behind. If you are following a spouse here, the feeling of isolation may be even stronger.

Feeling isolated may trigger sensations of loneliness and sadness, worries about the future, or affect your self-confidence and your thoughts about yourself. You may also experience that your difficulties in settling into your expat life is having negative effects on your relationship and family life – effects, you wish to counteract by talking to a professional.

I can help you gain a broader understanding of yourself and the troubles you are experiencing. Through therapy sessions with me, you will learn where your troubles have started, and what is keeping them going – thereby enabling you to limit their negative effects on your life. You will also gain a more thorough understanding of your preferences and values, which will make it possible for you to move closer to a life, that is more satisfying for you.

You are welcome to call me at 5191 9285 or send me and e-mail at rikkepap@phuset.dk if you have any questions or want to book an appointment.