Psychological therapy in spanish and english:

Psychotherapy can be described as a process of knowing yourself, where both you and the psychologist will work together to discover your internal and external resources that you need to find your inner balance. It is also a great opportunity to observe and overcome blockages or unresolved problems that keep you from experiencing well-being. One of the most positive outcomes of psychotherapy is the chance to find your own answers, those that serve you best in order to make positive changes in your life.

My aim is to go along with you during your process while offering support and proven tools, in addition to the time and space for you to focus on yourself.

I specialize in anxiety, depression, stress, low self-esteem, self-criticism, integration to a new country, existential crisis, grief, trauma and management of emotions.

 What I offer

  • Individual therapy for adults in English and Spanish
  • The time and space for you to talk about what you think and feel and I will listen without any judgements.
  • Tools that best adapt to your needs.
  • Online sessions

How I work

When you first contact me, I’ll happily give you more detailed information and answer your questions. We can also have a short conversation where you can tell me a little about yourself, without any further commitments. From there, if you wish we can set up our first session.

In my work I strive to give a complete service, therefore I integrate psychotherapy (which includes many methods), mindfulness and body awareness.

Here’s an overview of each area:

Psychotherapy: overcoming personal challenges – improving relationships – developing emotional intelligence – solving specific problems. Treatment of anxiety, depression, stress, trauma and more.

Mindfulness: learn how to stop overthinking and how to develop a non-judgmental mindset. Experience inner peace and space in your mind.

Body awareness: learn how to identify emotions in your body and listen to your needs.

About me:

 I’m a psychologist from Venezuela and I live in Copenhagen with my husband. My job inspires me and I strive to keep learning effective methods. I also love to have a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Some of my biggest interest in life are flamenco – which I teach – nature, spirituality and social justice.

My qualifications: I have a degree in psychology and a Masters degree in Integrative Humanistic Psychotherapy. I also studied psychodrama and have I continue my education in trauma treatment. I am a member of SIP (Selskab for Interkulturel Psykologi) [Intercultural Psychology Association]


  • 55 minutes individual session: 900 DKK
  • Students and unemployed: 750 DKK
  • Ask me about packages and special offers.


Weekdays from 19.00 and Weekends between 10.00 and 17.00


MobilePay or cash on the same day.


 +45 71 55 15 06

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